The Gentleman and Honesty

Let’s face it, people lie. Why? There are innumerable reasons. Usually it comes down to power, an improvement of their situation, or shame. Some enjoy lying, others cannot stop. Personally, I hate it. It’s a poisoned chalice to drink from. Anything gained from it has a pretty good chance of falling apart after the lie […]

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The Gentleman and Principle

The gentleman will stand on principle. This may sound odd, but he has sufficiently enforced, researched and supported his principles that he will confront anyone to uphold them. Some times this is not the best thing to do and it does require timing. But there are times when a gentleman needs to be the voice […]

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Gentleman and funerals.

So I was quiet for the last few days. Not that I wasn’t loud elsewhere, but I didn’t post because a relative of mine died. I went to his memorial and spent time with his relatives and friends. A gentleman should attend the funerals of family and close friends. He should lend support through that […]

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Gentlemen, start to shower.

Let’s talk about hygiene. Whether it’s in business, a party, or a date a gentleman should smell and look his best. Yes, there are sometimes where being stinky and dirty are acceptable, but most of the time no one wants to smell you from afar. Try to shower daily, or at least three times a […]

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The Gentleman and … lingo?

A gentleman needs to be able to communicate skillfully with people, both at work and elsewhere. He should be able to switch between the different lingoes he may encounter with ease. Personally I hangout with so many different groups I sometimes feel a translation book is required. Educate yourself on a variety of slang and […]

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