Save Your Indignation.

I look around these days and I see a lot of people being… offended. And it is over stupid things. I put this down to society’s fault. Not for society being tough on people, but society being not being tough enough. I’ve been watching a trend that I had not been aware of until recently. […]

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The Gentleman projects power #1

The Gentleman must project power. Now there is an effective way to project power. That is not overt. It is “The quiet routine”. How does it work? Take the average guy. Make sure he is rather muscular, is wearing something flashy (lots of jewelry, tank top, overly bright/tight outfit), and ¬†maybe add a number of […]

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Business Tip #2

A gentleman should dress for his job. If he is a welder dress like one. A librarian? Still dress like one. This being said, a gentleman should have a suit among the clothes he possesses no matter what job he has. A suit will be handy in a variety of applications. Dates, interviews (for jobs […]

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The Gentleman and Patience

The Gentleman does not have a new lady friend named Patience, but he does practice the discipline. Like not getting irritated when he obviously pressed the ¬†right button to spell the word “discipline” but the computer didn’t register it. If one has patience, they can out wait most people. Like today for instance, a regular […]

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