Be Creative.

So today I received for that one of my job applications has taken a step further in the process. Which is very up lifting. Today I also decided to work on one of my stories. The point of today’s little message, find your creativity. It may be glue macaroni to paper or doodling something to […]

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Lacking Necessary Skills.

Now I know no one is perfect, but the lack of training today in some necessary life skills is appalling. What sparked this was a small ad on Facebook. I was looking around and one of the ads they think will interest you pops up and I read it and was surprised at what it […]

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Don’t Try Too Hard

The message is in the title. Don’t try to hard to be a gentleman, try to let it flow naturally. I bring this up because yesterday I saw a guy trying way too hard to be something. I am still having trouble decide what he was trying to be but I believe it was something […]

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