How to convince with writing

I’ve been reading a book recently, his premise I disagree with but is beside my point. His delivery of his ideas and opinions is lacking, and exemplifies an art that writers and gentlemen are paid to harness. He uses a tactic of an untrained individual or an untrained writer who does not have a natural […]

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Dichotomy of Hypocrisy #1

As I sit within the sanctum of my home, I often find… a rampant reign of hypocrisy parading itself across social media, television, and print. Whether it is a disconnect between a concept and its roots or the latest “Bigotry” I find myself analyzing it. The most recent example was today, comment that a woman […]

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Fictional Reality #2

Welcome to the first installment of the Fictional Reality series in The Gentleman’s University. While this is labelled the second Fictional Reality, this is the first with actual content. While no one has yet to take up my offer to recommend a review, that will not inhibit my ability. Let us take a broad brush […]

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