Dreams and Normality

I had a fantastic dream where in part of it I was a fit old man with a cottony white beard. Odd, right? But it got me thinking. Dreams are awesome. Not nightmares, dreams. People have fantastic adventures or odd conundrums that occur when they are sleeping. Most of the time… Either way it reminded […]

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The Gentleman and the Contract.

Some grumbling about ISPs and net neutrality has reached my ears and brought to my attention that people really need to understand what a contract entails. First off, this is not about net neutrality. This is about people’s lack of reading contractual agreements. You should especially when it’s a new agreement. Sure the ones about […]

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The Gentleman and False Claims

So recently one of my side projects had a gentleman stop by and claim one of the videos we had legally shared was his intellectual property and that we should take it down. This would be a very reasonable request… if the individual had any actual property rights to the video in question. He gave […]

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The Year Anniversary

It is now official. WordPress has informed me that I registered with them a year ago. Now is probably a good time for me say that I’ve greatly enjoyed blogging although I have not kept up with it as much as i’d like and that I’m trying to fix that. Also that I’d like and […]

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The Gentleman and Copyright.

It has come to my attention that a Youtuber who does commentary on politics and other things has had his channel deactivated by Youtube after several copyright strikes were put against his account. There was some weird thing about three strikes being counted as one incident then being changed to count as three individual strikes […]

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