Sharing things online.

So one of my associates bought to my attention a particular individual that doesn’t want their artwork shared on blogs and other places. Now as a content creator I want my stuff to be shared. It’s why I put stuff out so that people will see it, like it, share it, benefit from it, and […]

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Wait Times and Business.

Let’s talk about wait times and how they should be in business. Sometimes waiting periods are understandable, other times they are not. Times when they are not can cause your business to get a bad reputation, review, etc. and cause you to lose money, customers, and potential customers. Sometimes waiting periods are very understandable. Let’s […]

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Winging it

I do a small podcast for video games and tabletop rpgs just for fun. It usually ends up with me and my friends wishing and complaining about games. But the importance is when I started it, I had accidentally volunteered for it without any knowledge for the basic game we would usually cover. So I […]

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The Function of Your Style

The way we dress and care for ourselves affects us. We all have a style that makes us feel good and/or confident. You need to capitalize on things that give you confidence, especially with your looks. Being visibly and audibly confident is the ideal business professionals strive for. This can come down to whether you […]

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Markets Dictate Products

Back in the early 2000s I had just got into the habit of looking around websites online. I soon found places that sold knives and similar items that interested me. Among the products offered was one of my first exposures to the British Commando Knife, also known as the Fairbairn Sykes Dagger. Since about 2005 […]

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