Sleep Management

In the modern world it has seemed to become the norm that one either sleeps all the time or sleep for a few hours/not at all. This raises the question of “How important is sleep management?” and it’s related subject of “How important is eating?” Sleep management is very important. From my own experience getting […]

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Modifying technique

People like routine. They fall into the same patterns everyday. I have to admit I like my pattern for the day. I’ve gotten into a very comfortable routine. The problem with routine, at least in business, is that sometimes people get into a bad routine. Or the routine doesn’t do as well, isn’t effective, etc. […]

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Why Hiring is stalling.

The last few months have had us bombarded by chants to raise the minimum wage to $15 hr. Heralded as the answer to poverty, hiring problems, and various diseases, such calls and other scapegoats (such as older individuals not leaving the work force to “make room” for the younger generations) ignore many of the economical […]

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