Have Spare Content

So yesterday I was busy most of the day. I was coordinating for a a get together for one of my other projects, working on materials needed, making sure schedules were clear, and working on sending in another project. Needless to say I was distracted. I look up and my window of prime posting time […]

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Do Not Rush Someone

I know people who work really fast, I know people who work really slow. I know people like to take there time and I know people want it done NOW. You have to figure out at what speed people function. I take a calm methodical practice to things and can increase my speed as necessary, […]

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Motivation for the Day.

Helpful tip for the day. Do the easiest task first. I am really busy today, and I’ll probably be really busy tomorrow so I just wanted to drop a quick hint for you to help make yourself more productive. Why should you do the easiest task first? There are two reasons. The first is that […]

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Manipulation Through Quotation

Quotes. There are few things that can shape our opinions and that are put forth as evidence than quotes. But quotes are not an end all be all for evidence. This being because a quote can be taken out of context, parts can be removed to create an entirely different picture. For example the original […]

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Realistic in Game Economies

One of the only online games I played when I was a kid was this mmorpg called Runescape. Over the years it has gotten really good in some ways and really bad in other ways. But I won’t go into how they totally messed up their combat in game and instead focus on the economy […]

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Hard Business

I’m going to take on a darker and grittier tone today and channel the Mercenary, from my Lessons of a Mercenary course. And today’s topic is the gritty world of business. The world of business and the world of fighting mirror each other a lot. They both are cutthroat in their own rights and take […]

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Gauging Progression.

I was looking through some of my older blog posts updating them with my new featured image and I decided to read some of them. What I found is that I have progressed in my style. I have been running this blog for about two years now, and when I started off I didn’t make […]

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