The Importance of Having Content

Having content is great. But having a lot of content is better. Why? Because if you have a lot of content it can afford you the best thing ever…… Lazy writing days.

Have a blog, article series, or something similar? Have videos, previous live streams, and other prerecorded content?

Then you have a very valuable tool at your disposal. The tool of continuous content to put out.

Yes it is great to put out new content. The feeling of success of creating a new addition to your already growing collection is very desirable. But what about those days you are kept from producing more content by other work, an unforeseen event, writer’s/creator’s block, or just simple laziness?

The answer is to recycle some of your old content. Dust off a classic episode, article, or post and re-share it with the world. But you can only do this well if you have a lot of content.

So make bunches of it now so you can stave off having one of your regular posting times be empty. I recently had to miss putting a post up because of my other work, and I felt really bad about it. I felt bad because I want to grow this blog and its related business, and I can’t do that without putting out content for people to see it. Imagine if McDonald’s suddenly just stopped advertising, took down all their signs, and billboards. It’d be less likely for people to know where they were, what new offers they have, and for them to reach out to new customers.

That way you can continue to “advertise” through your content by keeping yourself fresh in the eyes of the internet and other places that you put your content. And who knows, you may share a piece someone was looking for but couldn’t remember the right name for the article/video.

So make a lot a of content, and use it when you can’t make a lot more at the moment.



The Irreverent Gentleman


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