Planning Ahead.

Most days I can get out of bed with only a small amount of lethargy. Today, however, I just wanted to curl up for even more sleep. This is doable on my day off but… my day off is not today.

So I got about 10 minutes later than I usually do and decided to make today’s blog about planning ahead.

I have a very busy schedule coming up. Several jobs, a few trips, and if I return to help a local youth symphony, a weekly group practice and more solo practicing. Needless to say that is going to cut into my now normal viewing experiences and more importantly my time to blog. Why does that effect my time to blog? Well because I usually write the blog the day of. But I am considering adopting a time to write multiple blogs at once and then schedule them so that all I have to do is share them. This is also making me consider auto-posting to more platforms and to my normal ones. Although I will continue to hand craft each and every Twitter post because you can’t autoselect hashtags.

This is also motivating me to take less time, in other words be more efficient, in writing my blogs so I can get more done. Either this is shaping up to be a six coffee day. I’m on my second cup and it’s not even noon. Usually my first cup is a desert course to my lunch just to wash it down nicely with one to two for the rest of the day.

My mental sharpness is a bit on the down turn now, so I need to give t a bit of a boost, especially since I have a guest appearance today at 1 o’lock. Yay, me! At this rate I might just finish off the rest of the brewed coffee by 2 o’clock.

So let’s take a bit of the day to think about what things we can do in advance rather than wait for the day of to do them, this will help with marketing and other business practices, because it’s better to do it ahead of time than wait until just before they need to be done. Like making sure I have enough coffee on hand. Yeah, that’s good idea.



The Irreverent Gentleman


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