The Price of Entertainment

People realistically spend at least thousands of dollars in their life time for their hobbies, pastimes, and entertainment. While this is great news for the entertainment producers it doesn’t help at all with maintaining a budget or having extra money on hand. We need to gauge the price of entertainment, cost versus reward, and long […]

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Dandelion Economies

If you live in North America you’ve probably seen a dandelion before. If you have you know that they pop up everywhere they can from cracks in the sidewalk to nice open fields. Dandelions serve many purposes ranging from edible greens, to decorations, to even a coffee substitute. The reality is people think of them […]

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Training and Realism

I’m currently in the middle of a large travel pocket within my life, much more than is normal for me the rest of the year. I’m in the down time between the actual trips and this pretty much means that I haven’t been able to do more of my normal work and I’m getting bored. […]

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Staying in Measure

I was coming out of  one of my weekly group events and two of the younger guys were having a sparring session outside. Nothing overly violent just a mock fist fight where neither really tries to hit the other. I resisted giving them some pointers on their form as I had somewhere to be. However […]

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