Accepting Help

Every so often you get a wake up call, a hand out, or a hand up, and how you react to it determines how far you go. If someone offers you an immoral or illegal path to success accepting it is a poison chalice that will cause some success only to take it away much […]

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Negative Sides of a Front

Fronts serve an important purpose in business and manipulation. They serve to redirect or misdirect things working on the off hand principle in martial arts and street “magic”. There are some negatives sides to using fronts. If you use a front as your major representation of you or your business, especially if you’re not confident […]

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Power of Confidence

I was in a chat recently where there was some new members added and the current members showed up to size up the new intake and, as I observed, to assert dominance. This had happened to me as well when I was added to the group. It’s a natural thing, there’s always a pecking order […]

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The Cult of Punctuality.

I had a mix up with a podcast I was going to appear on. We had the days scheduled wrong for when we were going to meet up. And this got me thinking about something.  I value punctuality. Now I know things come up that need to be addressed and when people let me know […]

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We (Can’t) All Agree

There’s a yearly event that I attend with my immediate family and it used to be one of the only social functions I had as a child and I have physically met most of my friends at this event. This event has several sites run by many different people, and the particular site I usually […]

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Planning Ahead.

Most days I can get out of bed with only a small amount of lethargy. Today, however, I just wanted to curl up for even more sleep. This is doable on my day off but… my day off is not today. So I got about 10 minutes later than I usually do and decided to […]

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