What People Read.

Reading or seeing is the primary way individuals obtain new information. For those who are sighted (who can see) tend to rely on this particular sense more than any other, followed closely by hearing. Because of this visual ads, text, and other written work are important to business, marketing, manipulation/negotiation, and convincing. Certain things need […]

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Putting things off.

I probably made a post like this before, but in the current climate of the world it remains relevant. I like to collect information, knowledge, useful things, and some not so useful things. This is made easier online with save features and watch later options. But while the internet is hailed as the repository of […]

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Gauging Progression.

I was looking through some of my older blog posts updating them with my new featured image and I decided to read some of them. What I found is that I have progressed in my style. I have been running this blog for about two years now, and when I started off I didn’t make […]

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The Cult of Punctuality.

I had a mix up with a podcast I was going to appear on. We had the days scheduled wrong for when we were going to meet up. And this got me thinking about something.  I value punctuality. Now I know things come up that need to be addressed and when people let me know […]

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Audio vs Video

Audio is one of our earliest forms of modern long distance communication in close to real time. Radio, telephones, and cell phones relied on audio only communication. People still listen to radio or each other in one form or another today. But today they can listen online in the forms of podcasts and online radio stations. […]

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July 4th and Manipulation

Today marks the 241st year from the day the original Thirteen Colonies declared independence from Great Britain. It seems common place today to think of the colonials at the time immediately picking up arms to fight the evil tyrannical state, but most forget the countless months of negotiations and airing of grievances to the parliament […]

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