Soft Spoken Iron.

I was watching a streamer play a game called Kingdom Come: Deliverance today and there was a nobleman who managed to talk down an invading force while managing to be politely insulting. So I thought I’d bring up a concept in negotiation and generally talking to people. Many people think that toughness and the indicator […]

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Team Building: Power Structures

An organization that is going to grow has to eventually have a power structure in place. This can be applied from everywhere from business organization, online gaming, and applications like Discord. Once a group has been started, if you are the leader of the group, you will eventually have to put in place individuals that […]

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People Mislead Themselves

Because of how people tend to want to problem solve you can use that to influence them here’s an example. I was managing a Dungeons and Dragons game and we were playing a scenario where the party that was available was dragged out of their stolen car and eventually locked in the trunk. However my […]

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The Purpose of a Free Sample.

“But thou shalt have a perfect and just weight, a perfect and just measure shalt thou have:…” Deuteronomy 25:15 A free sample what does that have to do with anything? Better yet, why is there a seemingly random Bible verse at the beginning of this post? Well both tie into business. There have been a […]

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What People Read.

Reading or seeing is the primary way individuals obtain new information. For those who are sighted (who can see) tend to rely on this particular sense more than any other, followed closely by hearing. Because of this visual ads, text, and other written work are important to business, marketing, manipulation/negotiation, and convincing. Certain things need […]

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