The Cult of Punctuality.

I had a mix up with a podcast I was going to appear on. We had the days scheduled wrong for when we were going to meet up. And this got me thinking about something.  I value punctuality. Now I know things come up that need to be addressed and when people let me know […]

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Audio vs Video

Audio is one of our earliest forms of modern long distance communication in close to real time. Radio, telephones, and cell phones relied on audio only communication. People still listen to radio or each other in one form or another today. But today they can listen online in the forms of podcasts and online radio stations. […]

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July 4th and Manipulation

Today marks the 241st year from the day the original Thirteen Colonies declared independence from Great Britain. It seems common place today to think of the colonials at the time immediately picking up arms to fight the evil tyrannical state, but most forget the countless months of negotiations and airing of grievances to the parliament […]

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The Function of Your Style

The way we dress and care for ourselves affects us. We all have a style that makes us feel good and/or confident. You need to capitalize on things that give you confidence, especially with your looks. Being visibly and audibly confident is the ideal business professionals strive for. This can come down to whether you […]

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If you can’t do a job pass it on to someone who can. Why? Because it does two things. First it makes you look capable to whomever tried to get you to do the job, showing you have connections and that you know how to use them. Second, those you pass the work on to […]

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