Why Autoplay is a Terrible Idea.

Recently I saw that Facebook has now made videos autoplay with the volume on, let’s explore why this is a bad idea. First off, most people don’t like autoplay, especially if they’re on limited data. Second, there’s a respect issue. Autoplay literally forces people to automatically view their content. This skews data as to views, […]

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Sharing things online.

So one of my associates bought to my attention a particular individual that doesn’t want their artwork shared on blogs and other places. Now as a content creator I want my stuff to be shared. It’s why I put stuff out so that people will see it, like it, share it, benefit from it, and […]

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An Interesting Bit of Spam

So I was cleaning out my inbox and spam when I came across an interesting fake email. Obviously, I had to use it as example because they failed on so many levels to be convincing. So here’s the email (edited for details) ” Hi (actual email used as my name) I just wanna tell you […]

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So Called Improvement

So since I had gotten on Facebook, fighting tooth and nail to be able to have the privilege, I had never changed my password. NEVER. Recently, I had gotten a smartphone, and of course I had to get Messenger in order to make the most of it. Then there was a problem with Messenger. A […]

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