Managing People’s Reactions

Everyone has a work space and a place they feel comfortable in. When that place is invaded by someone or a group of people it makes for an irritable individual and bad work relations. I can be very territorial. For the most part my territory is my bedroom/office where a do the majority of my […]

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Misconceptions: It Has Two Edges.

In a lot of fields of work there are misconceptions about what you actually do and what things actually mean. This comes from misinformation and ignorance, but usually a mixture of the two. This is understandable because no one can know absolutely everything about everything. However, ignorance can lead to problems with your business because […]

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Cheap vs Affordable

In the modern world cheap and affordable can be interchangeable in use, however based on the context in which they are used they conjure up a different mental image. These different mental images factor into advertising and marketing, but we’ll first look at the differences between cheap and affordable. A few days ago a caught […]

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To Catch a Thief

There’s a old proverb or catch phrase that says “To catch a thief you have to think like a thief.” This indicates that you understand how thieves ply their trade, how they behave and how they do things, the various techniques they employ. This means you have to become like the thief and this is […]

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