Protecting Motivation.

If you’re like me, it takes an immense amount of will power to motivate yourself to do anything that isn’t really, really easy. Because of this motivation needs to be protected from being lost. Terrible coworkers, bosses, customers, etc. can kill your motivation. It happened to me recently, one of the guys I have to […]

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Do Not Rush Someone

I know people who work really fast, I know people who work really slow. I know people like to take there time and I know people want it done NOW. You have to figure out at what speed people function. I take a calm methodical practice to things and can increase my speed as necessary, […]

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I am not a tourist

There are a couple of meaning for the word tourist, and not all of them actually apply to the definition of tourist. The two main ways I will be using tourist in this post deal with sight-see-ers and people who don’t know what they’re doing (or make easy prey) Being a tourist can mean someone […]

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Accepting Help

Every so often you get a wake up call, a hand out, or a hand up, and how you react to it determines how far you go. If someone offers you an immoral or illegal path to success accepting it is a poison chalice that will cause some success only to take it away much […]

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Positive Reinforcement

There is a duality of reinforcement. There is negative reinforcement, what people consider punishment. And positive reinforcement, what people refer to as reward. The combined set has been characterized as many things but is best recognized with the carrot and stick scenario. The carrot and stick scenario gives two options of motivation. They are something […]

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