Managing Your Total Resources.

Before under taking any large project or endeavor you must make sure you are ready to do so. Whether it is a military campaign or a marketing campaign you have to prepare your resources to move at the start of your actions. Doing business is like playing a politico/military simulator. Before you go on campaign […]

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“New Year, New Me” Flaw

Starting out the new calendar year always comes with the dreaded New Year’s resolutions. While the desire to become a better version of you is absolutely a good thing there lies a problem with waiting until New Year’s to make that resolution. The main part of the problem is time. “I’ll wait for the perfect […]

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When Opposition Suddenly Goes Away.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced something where a group or individual wants to go against our interests, opinions, ideas, or business ventures. These are our personal and professional competitors. From the pressure that we exert on each other we gain the motivation to improve. Sometimes that pressure unexpectedly goes away, and there are a variety […]

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Blogaversary: The Road Ahead

WordPress has informed me that this blog has been started two years ago. Or at least I registered two years ago. Since that time I’ve developed about 4-5 courses and have solidified my method that had been in development for about 6 years. What’s next? Well I hope to continue to offer those courses and […]

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Power of Suggestion

It’s amazing how just a few words can spread throughout a small environment changing not only the dynamics but also the physical health of individuals. The power of suggestion gives you a leverage over others that should not be misused. you can see its power when you ask if someone is feeling well and comment […]

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