Uncontrolled Reactions

There are somethings that just happen. Runny noses and sneezing during allergy seasons, irritation when you encounter something you don’t like, and other knee jerk reactions cannot be controlled. This creates a problem for marketing, business, and certain social things that can involve small to large amounts of influencing/manipulation. The problem is we do not […]

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Practicing composure

I have some experience with music, and one of the things that amazes me is how musical conductors can keep time despite everyone doing something… different. Every  time the orchestra varies their playing speed to something different from the conductor, they are technically making a mistake, opening up the possibility that everything is disjointed in […]

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Coercive People

A long time ago, before the Viggo Mortensen played Aragorn, before the live action renditions of The Lord of the Rings, in the deep dark period of time called the 1980s there were animated versions of the stories, specifically The Return of the King. In it there is a song sung by the Orcs of […]

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Audio vs Video

Audio is one of our earliest forms of modern long distance communication in close to real time. Radio, telephones, and cell phones relied on audio only communication. People still listen to radio or each other in one form or another today. But today they can listen online in the forms of podcasts and online radio stations. […]

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Why Autoplay is a Terrible Idea.

Recently I saw that Facebook has now made videos autoplay with the volume on, let’s explore why this is a bad idea. First off, most people don’t like autoplay, especially if they’re on limited data. Second, there’s a respect issue. Autoplay literally forces people to automatically view their content. This skews data as to views, […]

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Blasts from the Past.

I woke up this morning with to reminders f how the past is still with us. Facebook reminded me of a five year friendship…. of a friend I’ve had since I was a child. That’s lasted probably almost 20 years.  So it’s to be expected that Facebook doesn’t know my entire life. I was also […]

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