Training and Realism

I’m currently in the middle of a large travel pocket within my life, much more than is normal for me the rest of the year. I’m in the down time between the actual trips and this pretty much means that I haven’t been able to do more of my normal work and I’m getting bored. […]

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Uncontrolled Reactions

There are somethings that just happen. Runny noses and sneezing during allergy seasons, irritation when you encounter something you don’t like, and other knee jerk reactions cannot be controlled. This creates a problem for marketing, business, and certain social things that can involve small to large amounts of influencing/manipulation. The problem is we do not […]

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Data Denial and Privacy

Yesterday’s post had to do in part with ignorant or malicious data denial. today we’re going to look at data denial in regards to privacy and a possible way to gain data for informative purposes. Your social security number, bank statements, and other things like your home address are things that count as data that […]

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Putting things off.

I probably made a post like this before, but in the current climate of the world it remains relevant. I like to collect information, knowledge, useful things, and some not so useful things. This is made easier online with save features and watch later options. But while the internet is hailed as the repository of […]

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Staying in Measure

I was coming out of ¬†one of my weekly group events and two of the younger guys were having a sparring session outside. Nothing overly violent just a mock fist fight where neither really tries to hit the other. I resisted giving them some pointers on their form as I had somewhere to be. However […]

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The Importance of Extra Detail

Fine detail is important. It adds a special layer to what ever you’re working on. I sometimes write fiction for fun, never published any of it, never really finished the larger ones, but it’s a good exercise for me to work on figuring people out. Through this I found that details you think are not […]

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