We (Can’t) All Agree

There’s a yearly event that I attend with my immediate family and it used to be one of the only social functions I had as a child and I have physically met most of my friends at this event. This event has several sites run by many different people, and the particular site I usually […]

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Planning Ahead.

Most days I can get out of bed with only a small amount of lethargy. Today, however, I just wanted to curl up for even more sleep. This is doable on my day off but… my day off is not today. So I got about 10 minutes later than I usually do and decided to […]

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Coercive People

A long time ago, before the Viggo Mortensen played Aragorn, before the live action renditions of The Lord of the Rings, in the deep dark period of time called the 1980s there were animated versions of the stories, specifically The Return of the King. In it there is a song sung by the Orcs of […]

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The Importance of Having Content

Having content is great. But having a lot of content is better. Why? Because if you have a lot of content it can afford you the best thing ever…… Lazy writing days. Have a blog, article series, or something similar? Have videos, previous live streams, and other prerecorded content? Then you have a very valuable […]

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Positive Reinforcement

There is a duality of reinforcement. There is negative reinforcement, what people consider punishment. And positive reinforcement, what people refer to as reward. The combined set has been characterized as many things but is best recognized with the carrot and stick scenario. The carrot and stick scenario gives two options of motivation. They are something […]

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Negative projection

Most people use their own actions and feelings to judge other’s actions and behavior. There are two uses to this. One it gives you a look into their likely actions. And two you get a look at how they view the world. Both of which are handy data. The problem with this is that most […]

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Sleep Management

In the modern world it has seemed to become the norm that one either sleeps all the time or sleep for a few hours/not at all. This raises the question of “How important is sleep management?” and it’s related subject of “How important is eating?” Sleep management is very important. From my own experience getting […]

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