The Gentleman and Ads

Today my Adsense account was verified. This is exciting because it will probably motivate me to put out more content on the Youtube channel, finish my analysis of that one opinion piece, create more videos and maybe put ads on this blog. This is good. Why? because the more ads and place for ads to […]

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The Gentleman and History

History. I love history, I think everyone should study history, but I do not think people should be forced into studying history or specific areas of history. While some areas need to be known I find that when people find something interesting they will not need to be told what to study. Another thing I […]

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The Gentleman and the Slump

So I feel it is important to state that I’m currently slumped in my usual seat when I write this, so it’s not an all the time thing that I’m talking about. I was looking through some pictures of my friends’ family that were shared over social media and I see a lovely family, guys […]

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