Negative Sides of a Front

Fronts serve an important purpose in business and manipulation. They serve to redirect or misdirect things working on the off hand principle in martial arts and street “magic”. There are some negatives sides to using fronts. If you use a front as your major representation of you or your business, especially if you’re not confident […]

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The Cult of Punctuality.

I had a mix up with a podcast I was going to appear on. We had the days scheduled wrong for when we were going to meet up. And this got me thinking about something.  I value punctuality. Now I know things come up that need to be addressed and when people let me know […]

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Negative projection

Most people use their own actions and feelings to judge other’s actions and behavior. There are two uses to this. One it gives you a look into their likely actions. And two you get a look at how they view the world. Both of which are handy data. The problem with this is that most […]

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Modifying technique

People like routine. They fall into the same patterns everyday. I have to admit I like my pattern for the day. I’ve gotten into a very comfortable routine. The problem with routine, at least in business, is that sometimes people get into a bad routine. Or the routine doesn’t do as well, isn’t effective, etc. […]

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Audio vs Video

Audio is one of our earliest forms of modern long distance communication in close to real time. Radio, telephones, and cell phones relied on audio only communication. People still listen to radio or each other in one form or another today. But today they can listen online in the forms of podcasts and online radio stations. […]

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