A Snowy Day.

This morning I woke up with a fantastic plan for today’s post and I forget it about 2 minutes later. I’ve been trying to remember it all day, so I will put what came to me in its place instead. Today was the first snow of the year where I live. Not all that much, […]

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People and Reciprocation

Today’s the day before Thanksgiving, so here’s a little tip for your personal life and your business endeavors. This goes a to a very basic understanding of human interaction. This concept is that people reciprocate or return behavior, courtesy, or treatment that is given to them. So I have adopted the practice of trying to […]

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Two Types of Limits

There are two general types: real limits and mental limits. The first we can’t overcome, the second can be overcome but it’ll take some effort. We’ll first look at real physical limits. I am roughly about 5′ 7 1/2″¬† tall edging closer to about 5′ 8″. The average professional basketball player is 6′ 7″, nearly […]

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