Bad Leadership: Micromanaging

It is generally accepted that we don’t quit hard jobs, we quit terrible bosses. And with terrible bosses comes terrible leadership. All of the complaints my close friends have about their job comes from how their leadership or bosses are behaving. So we’re going to look at an example of bad leadership and what you […]

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Self-Management: Help

The other day I was told there was a mouse in one of the traps. Sighing, I went to take care of what I thought was yet another unfortunate rodent to try and invade my home. When I reached the trap it was clear that the mouse was not dead but caught by one of […]

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The Cost of Playing the Game

The world is full of games. Some good some bad but everywhere we look there is a game being played. Now by game I’m not saying some sort of pass time we use to entertain ourselves, but a set of parameters or a framework where interact with others according to multiple rulesets at once. So […]

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The Passing of The Torch

I woke up one day and realized a torch was in my hand. The things I had been preparing my whole life for had finally happened and I was not ready to admit it. I tried to ignore it. To put that reality somewhere else, to move the responsibility to others. But it was no […]

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Why Your Rights Are Important.

A concept that is dying faster than I anticipated is the concept of a right. Today we hear about “human rights” or LGBTQ rights or any of a number of “rights”. But these really don’t matter as they take from the concept of natural rights. Natural rights are the basis of a free society. They […]

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Battle of the Gods

The pantheons found in history are numerous and the gods within them so varied yet so alike you can have whatever flavor of devotion you want. The adherents of these differing religions have vied for supremacy and have competed with each other for almost as long as they have existed. But today a new challenger […]

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