Worth the Consequences.

One of the main ways people are controlled are through consequences. The consequences of our actions are one of the main ways we get punished for our behavior. This might range from a bad reputation to legal repercussions to death. and the means these are implemented are as varied as the causes. Sometimes the censequence […]

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The Chains of Normalcy

What is normal? Normalcy is a doubly layered idea. There is the normal we as individual’s experience and the normal that the society we live in considers as normal. This makes normalcy a very fluid opinion. Normal technically doesn’t exist because it is essentially the average of our experiences. Sometimes the average is not actually […]

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Contracts and Smooth Operation

I’ve been neglecting this blog a lot lately from the usual suspects of being busy, lazy, or just forgetting what I wanted to talk about. so we’re going to get a two for one special this Management Monday. Our primary topic will be about knowing your contracts and how to navigate negotiations while the second […]

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The Cost of Cooking the Books

Cooking the books is a phrase that indicates that someone is modifying the official records of a given project. This can be everything from income management, tax returns, per day product production, etc. Generally this is done by one or more individuals to benefit themselves at the cost of others. There are various names attached […]

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I Can’t Read Your Mind.

I’m decent at reading people. Especially people I know. I can tell when someone might be upset, irritable, dealing with something or any of a number of things that indicate a problem. When they are happy or enjoying something is a little harder for me. However something that is very much beyond me is reading […]

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