Leadership Deficits

I was scrolling through social media and there was a video lamenting the future leaders of the country as taken from the current generation. “These will run the country some day.” This indicates a few misconceptions, predominately about the concept of leadership. Natural born leaders are few and far between. It’s safe to estimate that […]

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People Mislead Themselves

Because of how people tend to want to problem solve you can use that to influence them here’s an example. I was managing a Dungeons and Dragons game and we were playing a scenario where the party that was available was dragged out of their stolen car and eventually locked in the trunk. However my […]

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A Snowy Day.

This morning I woke up with a fantastic plan for today’s post and I forget it about 2 minutes later. I’ve been trying to remember it all day, so I will put what came to me in its place instead. Today was the first snow of the year where I live. Not all that much, […]

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