Uncontrolled Reactions

There are somethings that just happen. Runny noses and sneezing during allergy seasons, irritation when you encounter something you don’t like, and other knee jerk reactions cannot be controlled. This creates a problem for marketing, business, and certain social things that can involve small to large amounts of influencing/manipulation. The problem is we do not […]

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The Importance of Extra Detail

Fine detail is important. It adds a special layer to what ever you’re working on. I sometimes write fiction for fun, never published any of it, never really finished the larger ones, but it’s a good exercise for me to work on figuring people out. Through this I found that details you think are not […]

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Over Dependence

Helping people is great. Especially when training people to be more capable or when they have a problem. Most of what I do on a daily basis is entry level problem solving, most of what everyone does on a daily basis is entry level problem solving. By this I mean there’s a problem and you […]

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People are not books.

When I was growing up there was a a saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” This was used to say that people are not always what they look like and we should learn more about them before we make any decision about them. But this ignores some things about people. The cover of […]

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A Different View of Tools.

A while ago I was part of a “Let’s get to know other people in the online community” chat were we pretty much played twenty questions. So it got to be my turn and I was asked what I never leave the house without. I thought a little bit and settled on ” A pocket […]

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Witch Doctors and Snake Oil.

A legitimate Nigerian herbalist asked to join a Facebook group that I manage and inspired me to think about why witch doctors and snake oil salesmen are so successful. For the most part the average consumer is lazy, I’m guilty of this. I don’t want to put forth the effort to find every single thing […]

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